Technovation's Vision

As technology becomes an increasingly integral part of society, traditional problems are solved but new more complex ones arise. At the same time, different technological, industrial and societal areas are becoming more interrelated breaking the barriers of unidirectional interdependence making traditional mono-disciplinary approaches inadequate in providing solutions.

Issues such as rising Earth population, natural resources depletion, environmental protection, sustainable development and renewable energy sources in addition to big data analytics, risk analysis and comprehension - especially for the used-to-be simplified industries and sectors - are just some of the challenges faced today.

Technovation Solutions, has long recognized this context. At its core, it has the multidisciplinary, multi-objective and multi-approach mentality. It brings together researchers and experienced practitioners through inter- and intra- sectorial appointments for developing innovative solutions and especially for inventive reapplication of successful methodologies into new fields.

Thus, Technovation’s vision can be summarized into: " help society to continuously innovate and upgrade its operational capabilities aiming to reach levels of unprecedented effectiveness showing respect to the environment”.

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