Risk Modelling and Analysis

Recovery Rates: Currently, the Company works with Synectics Consulting Ltd, a leading software house, to develop a software solution in Credit Risk for small Banking Institutions. In particular, the tool will forecast the level of recovery rates of mortgage non-performing loans under key market parameters variation. Such tools are rare in the market place due to their inherent difficulty and their request for extensive customisation with respect to the economic environment to be applied.

Current economic turmoil highlighted the usefulness for such tools for Banking Institutions since they will be able to have a robust estimation of the medium term capital needs. The project, 'Filoktetes' develops an econometric model coupled with supporting software being able to input normalised banking data regarding mortgage non-performing loans.

Technovation will primarily work on econometric model development based on the IRB methodology, which aspires to accommodate macroeconomic parameters, clientele characteristics in addition to influences from financial institution’s policies. The tool to be developed will allow the end-user to customise it according to its own historic data (end-user level) coupled with overall market status (National level). (see local Press Release)          

Operational Risk Management Tool: Technovation’s researchers worked with a leading software development house to develop a customised solution for Small to Medium Sized Financial Institutions to manage Operational Risk. Software development took into account Cyprus’ Central Bank’s, EU and Basel regulations and directives. 

The software is a highly parameterised solution, applicable to any size of business with emphasis on user-friendly operation and usefulness. In particular, the software enables recording, measurement, monitoring and effective management of operational risks while being supported by various service automation functions. These functions facilitate users to take operational risk mitigation actions. In addition, users are in a position to generate various reports and statistical analyses much needed for further improvement and authorities’ reporting.

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