Aquaculture Engineering

Technovation has a particular interest in Aquaculture industry especially in the areas of operations and energy management as well as engineering. This interest originates from the active involvement of one of the Company’s co-founders with the industry. It is well underpinned with solid experience the Company has gained through the completion of three applied research projects. Each of these projects dealt with different aspects of aquaculture and in particular, the operational models and their optimization, the industry’s on-shore energy independence and the role of RES systems, investments risk analysis and lastly, the appropriate design of mooring systems.

The Company constantly seeks innovative solutions for the unique challenges the Aquaculture industry faces, such as energy independency and cost minimisation. Moreover, it is constantly in search to implement proven Industrial Management principles and methodologies to address Aquaculture Industry’s particular operations management needs (i.e. livestockbeing a perishable product etc.)

The Company has strong commercial and research ties with leading aquaculture actors in Cyprus in addition to an established network of affiliates representing prominent marine and aquaculture institutes/universities in the EU and the US.

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